At Asymmetrique, different areas of expertise – planning, creative, production, and analytics – all come together to develop digital-era Brand Democracies for clients.



Our ‘Asymmetriqal’ take on the business of brands thrives on the decoding of human behavior. For us, understanding consumer motivation is the key to consistently creating relevant brands that connect. We therefore marry data from a multitude of sources including research, surveys, social profiling, lead and sales databases, to create an uncommonly deep layer of marketplace and behavioral understanding using proprietary frameworks and methodologies.
The result is the conceptualization and creation of brands that are placed right within the cross hairs of the consumers’ ‘need-want’ equation.

Consumer Insights

  • Consumer Trends/Behaviour
  • Consumer Motivations
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Consumer Sentiment Analysis

Brand Consulting

  • Competitor Mapping
  • Brand Positioning
  • Advertising Strategy
  • Digital/Social Strategy

Brand Design

  • Corporate / Product Identity
  • Naming & Nomenclature
  • Brand Architecture
  • Brand Applications


From new-age content marketing through paid/social media, to the creation of owned marketing channels; we help brands to tap into democratic digital media to occupy consumer mind-space. In an increasingly fragmented media world, we supercharge your marketing initiatives by building brand ecosystems that encompass all the personal digital interfaces modern consumers spend their time-on including web, mobile and the emerging wearable devices.
The result is not just siloed and partly effective digital/social media marketing, but the creation of valuable brand platforms that are technologically embedded into the lives and integrated into the behavior of your target audiences across traditional and digital media.

Digital Ecosystems

  • Social Media Ecosystems
  • Content Marketing
  • Branded Environments
  • Advocacy Platforms

Technology Assets

  • Branded Portals
  • Mobile and Tablet Apps
  • Lead Generation /Nurturing Systems
  • Marketing Automation
  • E-commerce Platforms

Performance Marketing

  • Search Engine Optimization/Marketing
  • Conversion Funnel Optimization
  • Campaign Efficacy Analytics
  • Content Consumption Analytics
  • Asset Performance Optimization


Asymmetrique partners its clients along the journey of understanding the consumers’ path-to-purchase, and building brand experiences that allow consumers to opt-in and make your brand relevant to their daily lives. We design, develop, and deploy creative technology solutions that enhance and deliver the brand message through magical interactions and engaging content. Whether through native applications or gamified interactions and virtual reality experiences, we seamlessly integrate the consumer’s physical and virtual lives through various online and offline platforms of delivery that touch them.
These immersive solutions ensure that your brand is deeply immersed in your target consumers’ lives, never once missing an opportunity to present itself contextually, regardless of where they live, work, and play!

Consumer Journeys

  • Consumer Experience Audits
  • Shopper Marketing
  • Digital Experience
  • Retail Experience
  • Storytelling Content

Touch-point Technology

  • POS Conversion Optimization
  • Comparison Shopping
  • Social Integration
  • Immersive Content
  • Event Experiences & Personalization

Shopper Loyalty

  • CRM Setup & Deployment
  • Loyalty Program Design
  • Rewards and Social Currency
  • Service Quality Analysis


Based on a clear understanding of motivations we bring rare cross-media design capabilities that enable your brand to create ubiquitous consumer connect by ensuring that all touch points convey a common brand message and USP to consumers. Starting from what your brand looks like, to what it instinctively means to consumers, and further onto what it communicates across multiple media, we help you build distinctive brand positioning and marketplace recognition vis-a-vis your competition

Media Campaigns

  • Integrated Advertising
  • Broadcast Campaigns
  • Engagement Campaigns
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Email Marketing

Communication Collaterals

  • Corporate and Sales Brochures
  • Corporate Films
  • Brand Website
  • Exhibition and POS design

Brand Effectiveness

  • Brand Perception Mapping
  • Brand Metrics and Dashboards
  • Program Performance Analytics