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Deep Data Marketing

Media Manager

I am special because

I have deep knowledge of digital media marketing and am able to translate a client’s business objectives into a digital media strategy by monitoring and applying trends in the digital media landscape for creating innovative plans that help drive growth in their digital presence and online business.


How do I achieve this?

  • By identifying the target demographic and assessing just how valuable the audience of a particular publisher will be to the client’s brand
  • By assessing the competition and helping the client brainstorm ways that the client’s brand can be set apart, monetarily and with other characteristics, so that they can get all of the specific publishing options that they want.
  • By managing the budget after assessing the market and putting together a bidding strategy, as well as taking care of expenses and providing the client with a prospectus detailing the projected monetary returns of the ad placement.
  • By watching the ad run and optimize how it’s doing from a clicks and conversions (as well as ultimate consumer) basis by applying strong analytical and data-based skills and making recommendations for any changes that should be made to the campaign to optimize its conversion ratios.
  • By staying up to speed with the digital media landscape, educating myself on any new media platforms out there, and analyzing the data on recent and future purchases so as to make the best decision for the firm and the client.

I need to Be/Have

  • An Expert-level Digital Media and Growth Marketing practitioner that’s managed some serious ad spends and helped companies achieve the Digital Marketing targets (5+ years experience)
  • Wide understanding of digital marketing solutions including digital and programmatic advertising, web and mobile sites, social media, SEO & SEM, digital media, CRM, e-commerce, technology and analytics
  • Great negotiating ability for bidding on and buying digital property, making sure that the client gets everything that he or she needs while outpacing their competition.
  • Experience with online monitoring and measurement platforms including but not limited to Omniture, Facebook Insights, YouTube Insights, Google Analytics, HootSuite, etc.
  • Highly analytical mindset with strong Microsoft Excel/Tableau etc. skills for analyzing and reporting data

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