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Brand X

Interaction Designer

I am special

I envision how people experience my client’s brand and bring the Brand’s vision to life by transforming it into intuitive, accessible and easy-to-use designs for the consumers. My designs are truly interactive, and are equally effective at both providing and capturing information. They keep consumers engaged.


 What makes me so? 

  • Being in the know of latest design trends and technological integrations in the field of interaction design.
  • Analyzing consumer behavior to gain user insights and identify opportunities to optimize their interaction with the digital asset being designed and developed.
  • I collaborate with Researchers, Strategists, Technologists and Brand Developers throughout the design process – from developing user-flows and wire-frames to building prototypes.
  • Introducing relevant nudges in the UI design for a best-in-class user experience. Working with the UI design and development team to ensure the design meets all the business objectives.
  • Create instant tangibility for the Asymmetrique team and the clients through storytelling and rapid prototyping methods, ranging from paper sketching to digital prototyping

I need to 

  • Have 3 – 5 years of experience in interaction design and delivery
  • Be able to provide valuable insights and points of view at the intersection of social innovation, business and interaction design
  • Have an understanding of user-centered design principles, current design, and interaction trends
  • Have hands-on experience with technologies and tools used for creating user experiences on web and mobile platforms, including but not limited to:
    • HTML5/CSS3/Javascript
    • Modern Javascript/CSS Frameworks, such jQuery, Bootstrap, Angular.js and Backbone.
    • Native Android/iOs toolkits
    • Cross-platform tools such as Apache Cordova are a plus, but not mandatory.
  • Familiarity in interaction design software, such as Adobe Creative Suite, InVision Studio, and Axure.

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