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Brand X

Group Account Manager

I am special because:

I am a new age marketer, who is responsible for building new age brands relevant to modern audience sensibilities and reqirements by applying understanding of consumer and the cultural and behavioral shifts that come with new design, media and technological advances. I do not settle for conventional thinking around marketing & communication and contribute towards developing a holistic strategy & ideas across digital and offline medium, that help in building meaningful brand ecosystems.


How I achieve this:

  • I build strategies and concepts which aim at resolving my clients’ business challenges/ leveraging opportunities using social media, immersive brand experiences, influencer marketing, content and community building solutions, performance campaigns and innovative applications of technology
  • I contribute to the strategic/brand vision internally and externally; with the account management and creative team, develop clear and inspiring creative briefs, and enable the team deliver the required solution within the expected timeline
  • I partner closely with clients and internal teams (consumer researchers and data analysts, consumer journey experts, brand and experience designers, technology experts) to develop holistic marketing programs/ campaigns that employ a wide variety of customer touch points
  • I study and connect the dots between cultural, social & emerging digital trends to develop consumer insights for strategic platform and media-usage
  • I have a natural inclination towards creating storified, professional and compelling presentations for the projects and contribute to pitches or new initiatives by collating various data points, findings, design outputs from various teams
  • I get involved with the creative and account management team to ensure that the crafted strategy gets implemented in the right manner across all the marketing channels

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