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Digital Account Manager

What makes me special?

I am a Digital Account Manager, passionate about developing insight-driven digital strategies that help our clients build successful brands. I have strong client management skills and am able to maintain high levels of client satisfaction while delivering quality work within given timelines and budgets. I have deep knowledge of the entire digital universe; specifically organic and paid marketing.


How do I achieve this?
To achieve this, I will be responsible for the following:


Planning and executing full funnel content marketing campaigns that contribute to actionable results like lead generation, increase in business revenue etc.


Coordinating with my team to get regular details/updates and contributing in deciding the critical paths, fast-tracking to ensure quality work is delivered in expected time and allocated budgets.


Having participative discussions with the teams involved on my projects and leading the process of idea-generation revolving around the client’s brand, markets, and competitors.


Being in charge of multiple clients of the company and taking onus of maintaining high-levels of client satisfaction by ensuring that all my client projects are delivered within the given framework of quality, timelines, and budgets.


Taking ownership of the process of nurturing clients who can benefit from partnering with us, and presenting them in the form of new business development or business improvement projects.


I need to be/have:


At least 3-5 years of relevant work experience including, but not limited to paid media, social media, digital consumer behavior, etc.


Graduation or Masters in Digital Marketing/Mass Communication/Digital Analytics.


Avid reader and dreamer on creating humanizing brands with innovative experiences that use digital technology for simplifying or adding value to consumer lives.



Excellent communication and client-handling skills, self‐driven, fearless and curious.

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