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Creative Solutions

Art Director

An experienced specialist who is responsible for the visual creation of advertising campaigns on one or more accounts. May adapt to change in format, media and/or clients’ advertising strategies. Coordinates the design and reproduction of the copy with the art and production staff.

Art Director utilizes art direction skills to develop innovative solutions that contribute to the creative product in both traditional and digital media channels. The Art Director works closely with creative management, account team, strategic planning and are responsible for the successful conceptualization and execution of creative initiatives that meet both internal and client expectations.

  • Helps develop content for a variety of print and digital projects, such as visual aids and websites.
  • Prepares and edits layouts for concepts approved by the Client; chooses and places all visual elements of the project, including type, illustrations, and photographs necessary to produce the intended image; layouts should contribute visual ideas, enhance the attractiveness of the message, and help to clarify and accent its meaning to the viewer.
  • Works closely with copy and account services as a team player to ensure that strategic goals and objectives are met.
  • Assists art buyer in the selection of photographers/illustrators and work closely with them by providing direction to ensure the original client-approved is carried out.
  • Understands the creative process and follow jobs from conception to executions.

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