Asymmetrique is a company founded and managed by technocrats, who have a common belief that the technology revolution offers tremendous opportunities for marketers to re-define their brands for sustainability.

The Asymmetriqal

Together, we nurse the ambition to build the next generation of global superbrands using our democratic branding
principles, thereby leading the way for our industry to transform the business of brand-building.

Nitin Gupta

Managing Partner

Harsh Desai

Partner, Communities

Ranjit Thind

Partner, ROI Marketing

Tushar Mistry

Director, Finance

Nitin Gupta Managing Partner

Nitin is a results-oriented Marketing professional and Entrepreneur whose career spans a breadth of consulting and corporate assignments for US-based Fortune 500 firms. Upon his return to India, Nitin founded a BPO funded by legendary investor Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, and grew it into a 250-person operation. He returned to his marketing roots with the founding of Asymmetrique. His vision for Asymmetrique, is to build a truly GLOBAL Brand Democracy(TM) for the new-age of marketing. Nitin is currently building Experience Solutions capabilities to complete Asymmetrique’s service set for clients.


Ranjit ThindPartner, ROI Marketing

Ranjit is results driven digital marketing professional with over 10 years of hands-on experience in online and ecommerce marketing. Ranjit started is career as web designer and later shifted his interest towards digital marketing he is a self-taught digital marketer. His core strength is performance marketing. He has worked on brand like Olympus cameras, JP Morgan, Welingkar institute of management, Whistling woods, HDFC Mutual Funds, Peninsula Land, Siddha.


Harsh DesaiPartner, Communities

Harsh has dabbled in running creative start-ups since the age of 18. As an alumnus of Jai Hind college, Harsh spearheaded an inter-collegiate newspaper as Editor-in-Chief and Marketer. He then co-founded a theatre group, under which he produced, directed, acted, and wrote plays a few of which, had year-long runs in the city. A co-written play, Ripples, was voted amongst the top 10 plays of 2016 by the Mumbai Theatre Guide. Before Asymmetrique, he spearheaded Lowfundwala Productions as a Senior Partner, writing and directing branded content and commercials for India's startups.  Academically, Harsh holds a Masters in Public Policy, along with a double Bachelors in Commerce and Law. His academic interests also led him into creating curriculum, running operations, and helping setup Thadomal Shahani Centre for Media. He continues to teach Content Marketing and Entrepreneurial subjects at Sophia College and Jai Hind College as a visiting Faculty.  Apart from this, as a young critic at the Mumbai Film Festival's 2017 edition, Harsh loves world cinema and consumes more than 150 movies a year.


Tushar MistryDirector, Finance

Tushar is a finance and commerce professional with 30 years of experience in Advertising and Marketing. As a Post Graduate from NMIMS in Financial Management, he started his career with Everest Advertising, a Group of Rediffusion DY&R. After this, he worked with WPP and Dentsu Group.
He strongly believes that the difference between a marketing guy and a finance guy is that the first one has the capacity to change the market but the second one has the capacity to change the fate of his company. In the thirty years that he has been operating in this function—in which he has also worked with large multinational corporations with multi million in turnover and reporting to Singapore, US and UK.
Thirty years ago, when he was a freshly minted graduate entering the corporate world, the role of the CFO was, in essence, fairly straightforward and fundamentally had three main tasks: Bookkeeping, Financial Reporting and Statutory Compliance.
With time and generation, he has changed himself to be creative, understand best practices, and know how to create more value for the company. There will always be a need for someone to balance the books, crunch the numbers, and perform critical routine tasks and play a much more dynamic role today.
Every challenge that comes his way, he would take it up with pride and determination. In his heart, he likes simple things in life. He is sensitive and emotional and dreams of settling down somewhere quiet, far away from the traffic jams of Mumbai!



  • 1.0
  • 2008|Begins transformation into a Full-service Agency
  • 2009|Surrenders INS Accreditation to become the Un-Agency
  • 2010|Initiates an in-house Consumer Insights division
  • 2.0
  • 2011|Institution of the Platforms service verticals
  • 2012|50% of the workforce converted to Digital professionals
  • 2013|Integration of the Traditional and Digital Communications teams
  • 2014|Addition of the Strategy and Experience service verticals
  • 2015|Initiates deep investments in Data, Content, and Technology capabilities
  • 3.0
  • 2016|Surrenders INS Accreditation to become the Un-Agency
  • 2017|Initiates an in-house Consumer Insights division
  • 2018|Institution of the Platforms service verticals
  • 2019|50% of the workforce converted to Digital professionals
  • 2020|Integration of the Traditional and Digital Communications teams
  • 2021|Addition of the Strategy and Experience service verticals

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