Deep Data Marketing / Manager – Digital Marketing Analytics

I am Special because :

I convert digital Behavioral and Performance data into insights that enable marketing strategies/solutions for better ROI from digital marketing programs.

How do I do this?
  • I conduct detailed drill-down analysis of key digital metrics, sifting through data, interpreting numbers, and deriving insights through the use of various analytical tools.
  • I collaborate with Digital and Marketing Strategists on methods of data modelling, application of statistical concepts, interpretation of trends and patterns in data, and development of deep-data insights.
  • I handle everyday operations in terms of reporting, analytics & business intelligence tools, etc. and devise new approaches of using analytics for marketing.
  • I am responsible for data collection, structuring, & quality, after ensuring which, I explore and employ sophisticated statistical techniques and analytical models and tools relevant to the client’s context and business needs.
  • I work closely with behavioral and psychometric analysts and modelers to incorporate human understanding into my insights and provide a holistic view of my clients’ consumers to enable profiling, segmentation, prediction, and personalization.
I Need to be:
  • 5+ years’ practical experience on data processing, database programming and data analytics using programming languages such as R, Python, Java, SPSS, SQL, etc.
  • Masters/Doctorate from premier institutes with at least 5 yrs. of hands-on marketing analytics or related field such as advertising, direct marketing, online marketing, loyalty marketing, using data to solve complex Marketing problems.
  • Experience in data mining and statistical analysis. Understanding of various data structures and hand-on with implementation of common methods in data transformation.
  • Excellent pattern recognition and predictive modeling skills through big data analytics on systems such as Hadoop, SAS, Teradata, SQL/NoSQL, Databricks etc.
  • Ability to drive people to deliver, project management, business acumen.

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