Strategy / Manager / Sr. Consultant - Marketing Transformation

I am a progressive thinker who conceives breakthrough strategies to develop platformic digitally-driven marketing solutions for Asymmetrique\'s clients. I’m a seasoned change-agent who does not settle for the conventional, but works to push ideas beyond the normal realms of reality.

I am Special because :

I am a progressive thinker who does not settle for convention, but works to push ideas beyond the normal realms of reality, conceiving breakthrough digital performance strategies and platformic marketing solutions for clients.

How do I achieve this?
  • I am a student of Human Digital Behavior and Interaction with Brands and their Products. I generate breakthrough market and consumer insights for clients and use these as weaponry to innovate and craft compelling solutions to marketing challenges.
  • I constantly delve into the emerging ecosystem of Data and Technology, and digital-era businesses being created around the world for application towards client solutions.
  • I constantly mine opportunities with existing and new clients and create and pitch ideas and case studies to them in the quest for new business.
  • I articulate my ideas by defining the What and How of the evolving Consumer habits through clear and insightful presentations backed by data-supported findings to client and internal teams alike.
  • I collaborate with the Deep Data Marketing (DDM) and Human Experience Design (HXD) teams to track and measure the ROI of ongoing marketing programs, and generate deep marketing insights for achievement of business results and program KPIs.
I Need to be:
  • 2+ years of relevant experience and MBA in Marketing/Advanced Degree in Humanities.
  • Self-driven, fearless, and inherently curious with a sharp focus on human-behavior.
  • Deep penchant for next-gen research, analytics, automation, AI/ML/DL applications.
  • Comfortable with ambiguity and problem-solving with few data-points; Loves challenges that require a combination of intellectualism and creativity.
  • Ability to thrive in fast-paced environments, working simultaneously on multiple projects.

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